Kids Program

As part of the training area, Tanzwerk101, the Kids Program offers the ideal introduction for dance-loving children between the ages of 8 and 12 to the world of dance.

It focuses on educationally and artistically high-quality lessons so that, in addition to enjoying movement, music and art, children receive a good basis for their further dance and personal development right from the start.

The team of teachers, which consists of experienced dance teachers in the training area, not only passes on technical know-how and the joy of movement and dance to the children, but also promotes creativity in a way that is appropriate for their age group.

The lessons take place on Saturday mornings in the Tanzwerk101 premises.

Each semester ends with an exam and the children receive in-depth feedback.

The proximity and exchange with the junior program, the basic stage dance training and the higher technical school for urban and contemporary stage dance have a motivating effect, so that the children can learn in an exciting and inspiring environment.


Artistic Director Kids Program
Nadine Farago

Artistic Director Education
Arlette Kunz
Jochen Heckmann