Junior Program

The Junior Program is the ideal preparation for professional dance training for ambitious and dance-enthusiastic young people between the ages of 12 and 18 and is part of the Tanzwerk101 training department.

The training program with a focus on contemporary, urban stage dance and ballet is intended for students who wish to dedicate themselves intensively to dance during their school education. It also offers students who train at other ballet schools the opportunity to supplement their training program in the Junior Program with lessons in contemporary and urban dance as well as ballet.

Lessons take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons on the premises of Tanzwerk101. The number of lessons can be chosen and, in addition, selected lessons from the Tanzwerk101 Abo classes can be attended from Monday to Saturday. Participation in workshops and vacation programs is also possible.

Once or twice a year, the students of the Junior Program are involved in the school performances of the basic stage dance training and can gain their first stage experience.



Artistic Director: Arlette Kunz