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Both dance forms are well balanced in the curriculum, which is the same for all students, irrespective of your focus. The main target is the education of a versatile and a sophisticated stage dancer, who is able to work and to develop on a high level in the different layers of professional dance.

The classical ballet is unique in its history and aesthetic for today's stage dance.

The form, the terminology and technical skills (balance, placement, turns, jumps, spacing and musicality) are basics, which all other dance forms took as example and approach through their evolution. To understand these structures, background and movement patterns is part of every professional dancer's basic vocabulary.

Basic knowledge and experience in one of the two dance forms is a precondition. You need to have a long lasting, regular and intensive practice and confrontation with contemporary (modern) dance or urban dance forms like Hip Hop, House, Streetdance or Breakdance. If you are not sure about your level, just make an application and come to one of our auditions. You will see in that moment, if your effort and talent suffice to begin our education.

Just keep in mind the quote of the English artist Samuel Beckett: “Dance first, then think. That's the natural order.“

The diploma is state-approved and will help also in other countries to do further education. But usually, this also depends on your general abilities, which, despite the diploma, may not be sufficient for one or another study course in other institutions. The diploma is no guarantee for a smooth start in to the professional world.

In general, the engagement for dance jobs depends less on your diploma but more on your personality, your charisma and individual skills, which every choreographer or director judges very individually and differently. The submission of our diploma nevertheless is an advantage because it points out a certain knowledge and experience.

In case of unemployment or retraining measures (accident, age, new orientation, etc.), the state approved diploma is important to apply for support from the government and many other offices.


If you prove an exceptional talent as well as the artistic and corporeal abilities (you did e.g. a preeducation), we offer the possibility to be admitted to the study course „sur dossier“. We therefore need a specific clarification with the jury and the school direction the day of the audition.

The study course is in terms of time and body very intensive. It therefore doesn't leave much space for a big extra income. In the best case, the student concentrates entirely on it's classes and selfstudy.

As we are part of the Migros-network, there are possibilities for students in need to do one or another part-time job. We also work on different options concerning the housing situation in Zurich to support our students.

We currently are in contact with diverse offices, foundations and other institutions to find funds for students coming from low-income families or exceptionally talented students to enable the education for financially weak students.