Hero Edition

International Editions

Nadine Sieber and her team organise the event editions twice a year; the INTERNATIONAL SUMMER EDITION and the smaller edition, the X-MAS EDITION. Our guiding principle is to promote, inspire and network professional dancers in the Swiss and international dance scene. The hand-picked lecturers are established choreographers and artists from Switzerland and abroad. At the same time, the EDITIONS event is not just reserved for professionals, but should be accessible to all people who can develop through dance, music and art; a place of encounter should be created.

We endeavour to identify and integrate new trends and newcomers from the show industry, the underground scene, the contemporary stage world and Instagram newcomers, without neglecting the roots of the Colombo Dance Factory, which we hold in high regard. Vernacular or stage dance should have an equal place with us and be able to unfold in its full splendour.

Alumnae of the HF ZUB, the BA Hons and the basic training programme can continue to contribute artistically to the editions and thus maintain the "local feeling". Whether as a teacher, participant, performer, supporter or visionary, our doors are open.

At the same time, young dancers and beginners alike will have the opportunity to be introduced to dance step by step with professional in-house teachers in a safe environment. A fairground full of ideas, events and creativity awaits them, in line with our guiding principle "Spread your heART." Inspire, fascinate, amaze and make everyone dance until they drop; that is our credo.


Our vision of bringing together several art forms is to be further expanded. The exchange with various artists from other sectors such as musicians, DJs, visual artists, tattoo artists and jewellery designers is to be intensified in this festival-oriented event.

Furthermore, we strive to weave a new idea into our established editions every year, such as the two most recent projects "Choreographers in Residence" with Luca Signoretti in summer 2020 and Theatre Exchange with the Lucerne Theatre in summer 2022.


"My enthusiasm during the editions is always boundless when I get to watch the outstanding modern stage dance live. As the founder of the Colombo Dance Factory, it fills me with pride that our decades of work have been continued at Tanzwerk 101 for several years now, enriched with new, highly creative ideas and technically perfected." (Yella Colombo).