Michael Bredy (USA/CH)

Urban Dance (House, Lofting), Urban Dance Foundation, LAB Open Training

Michael Bredy aka "Noodles" started dancing in the mid to late 80s on the streets of New York city. Hip-Hop came first and then House came 10 years after. Being from New York, it was obvious that it was gonna be dance that was gonna take over because since being a kid, it was noticed that dance became his first love.
Upon coming up in the dance scene, there were a few movie roles that came his way.He danced in a couple of movies and telvision broadcast shows. But he continued to dance for the love of dance. during the times of working in various dance companies all over New York, New Jersey and Conneticut.
There was no classes that were being taken, because he didn't take any classes. A natural talent, he learned everything from the streets and other street dancers.
In the 2000's he was focused on trying to make a career in something, but was undecided in what to take. He took a break from the dance scene to go to college and to focus on studying as an Art Major. While in School, practice in dancing was still optional and it was still a chance to keep dancing as an hobby and a passion because he loved the dance and loved the music. He kept dancing at local clubs and parties to hip-hop while still continuing with his studies....etc. The streets and the clubs were his ultimate classrooms of learning the dance.
He's is a crew member of MOPTOP Family, with is a Dance crew that was created in Brooklyn New York and has been given the opportunity to learn the dance culture and the history of where it all comes from to be able to share it with others on his travels.