Die Tanzschule der

BA (Hons) Urban and Contemporary Dance

For questions about the BA (Hons) please contact Martina Schelker: martina.schelker@gmz.migros.ch





The annual fee for Swiss students is 9 500.- CHF, which can be paid in monthly rates of 790 CHF for at total of 3 years.
7th. Semester 9 500.- CHF


Degree awarded by the University of West London

Facts and achievements University of West London:


Talented international and swiss students, who are in financial need for the study course, have the possibility to make an application for a scholorship from the the association Verein Freunde der Höheren Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz.


Swiss students of HF ZUB or those, who already worked two years in Switzerland, who fulfill the criteria for scholarships, can demand additional scholarships at their canton. Scholarships can incur the education costs as well as the costs of living. The amount is calculated individually and depends of different factors like the parent's taxable income and fortunes.

For international Students in need of financial support be it student loans or support through foundations please contact: frank.rutishauser@gmz.migros.ch


If you need support with respect to financing your education in Zurich please contact Frank Rutishauser: frank.rutishauser@gmz.migros.ch